We are so happy to welcome you!

Thank you for your reservation at Loft O.  Relax.. you don't need to do anything any more.        The day before your reservation we will send you an e-mail to check in online.  


Bars and Restaurants and Shops

Lots to do in the vibrant Neighbourhood of the South and the old city center. Everything just minutes away by foot.

You can find a supermarket just a one minute away in the street.

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Have a lovely breakfast at Manjana Manjana. Our lovely neighbours breakfast and coffee bar.                            For just 15 € a person you can enjoy a Luxurious Spanish Breakfast Menu. Fresh juice, coffee or tea and yoghurt with granola are also included. 

You will be pleasantly surprised.

A one day notice for groups will be appreciated.

The delicious menu can also be deliverd at the your Loft. Only by reservation

Parking Sint-Michielskaai.jpg

Free Parking

If you are traveling by care you can make use of the free public parking. The parking is situated in front of the building next to the river. 

Details will be send to you the day before your arrival.

 Adres Sint-Michielskaai 13-15, 2000 Antwerpen.      Have safe trip!

Day of Your Reservation

If you filled in your details on the online check-in form your are already set for a careless stay. Your credit card details are the pnly thing that  needs to be verryfide  at the location.